How Many Hotels in the Clock Tower Makkah?

How Many Hotels in the Clock Tower Makkah?

Clock Tower Hotel complex is deemed the largest hotel complex in the world, offering a refined and unparalleled hospitable environment to facilitate visitors and pilgrimage. This complex is located just a few steps away from Al Haram. Its significant location, high-end facilities and amenities, panoramic views of Masjid AL Haram and refined ambience offer an unimaginable living experience. You want to find out how many hotels in the Clock Tower Makkah then give it a read!

This hotel complex is located in the heart of Makkah City, where modern luxury and timeless spirituality amalgamate. This complex is home to seven distinct and exquisite hotels that collectively offer 11,116 luxurious rooms and suites. This specific complex is deemed one of the closest accommodations as it offers an unparalleled living experience to the visitors of Holy Kaaba.

Can You Go Inside the Clock Tower Makkah?

Many people ask this question. The answer to this question is yes. You can go inside the Clock Tower Makkah to enjoy panoramic views of Holy Kaaba.

Hotels In The Clock Tower Makkah:

  • Swissotel Makkah
  • A Fairmont Hotel
  • Swissotel Al Maqam
  • Al Marwa Rayhaan
  • Raffles Makkah Palace
  • Pullman Zamzam Makkah
  • Mövenpick Hotel

Swissotel Makkah

It is the first Swissotel to open in the entire Middle East. This five-star hotel features 1,487 elegant and deluxe rooms. From business centres to meeting rooms to restaurants, it has it all. Its comfortable and luxurious ambience accentuates the true definition of luxury, comfort, and serenity. Besides that, breathtaking views of the Kaaba just add to its glamour, attracting pilgrims to experience its opulent living.

A Fairmont Hotel

This 76-storey luxurious hotel is housed inside Makkah Clock Tower, about 100 meters away from Masjid Al Haram. Majestic views of the Holy Kaaba, prevailing luxury, high-end facilities such as a steam room, sauna, fitness centre, and numerous cutting-edge dining options give a peerless living experience and make residents make every moment count while pursuing spiritual motives.

Swissotel Al Maqam

If you need direct and easy access to Masjid Al Haram, then Swissotel Al Maqam is one of the most suitable and luxurious places. This structure features 1,624 rooms and suites laced with high-end luxuries and facilities in order to refine the living ambience of this hotel. It stands tall at the heart of Makkah City.  Its prominent location, surrounding areas or locality, facilities and matchless standards attract and please visitors.

Al Marwa Rayhaan

Rotana has developed this 5-star hotel named Al Marwa Rayhaan to provide a comfortable and convenient experience to visitors. This hotel has 541 rooms and suites specifically designed to make the journeys of visitors unique and sophisticated. Its four unique dining ventures not only offer a taste of flavours but also add to the spirit of the spiritual journey.

Raffles Makkah Palace

This is a beautiful sanctuary that offers refined elegance and gives value to the journeys of pilgrimage. It has 214 suites that adorn the lavishness and shining of this community. Its lifestyle immerses you in a relaxing sensory experience and makes people enjoy their time in its stylish yet comfortable living environment.

Pullman Zamzam Makkah

This lavish hotel is located in the spectacular New Clock Tower. Its 1,315 elegantly designed rooms and suites offer a chance to experience luxury and sophistication to the fullest. This is a living place that has no competition. Everything here is exceptional. The extravagant facilities and amenities make the stay of residents and tourists quite comfortable.

Movenpick Hotel

This 5-star development features excellently appointed deluxe rooms and suites near Masjid Al Haram. From its versatile dining options to a comfortable living experience, everything is here. It is a place that defines perfection and augments the beauty of staying in that holy place, inspiring visitors and enabling them to increase the charm of staying there.

How Much Does It Cost To Stay at The Clock Tower Makkah?

The cost of staying here is not the same every time. It varies. Normally, it depends on the type of room and the season. Prices during weekdays and weekends also differ.

Summing Up:

Seven luxurious hotels in Clock Tower Makkah offer high-end facilities and amenities to visitors. These hotels provide a perfect blend of luxury, sophistication and comfort. Besides the important locality of these hotels, the leisure and comfort they offer make the stay of people pleasing and delightful. If you’re looking for more options, you can also explore our hotels for an unforgettable experience.”


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Yes. They can access exclusive services such as personalized concierge assistance to ensure a luxurious cum peaceful experience.

The Pullman Zamzam Tower is one of the hotels that are located in the Makkah Clock Tower.

Besides offering easy access to Masjid Al Hara, designated prayer rooms have been developed for prayers and religious observation.

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