Sohail Anjum Ghouri

Chairman Al Huda Group

As Chairman of AlHuda Group of Companies, I stand humbled by our shared journey’s remarkable chapters. Our Saudi-Pak success story reflects innovation, trust, and united ambitions. We are not merely leaders; we are pioneers setting new industry standards. We craft financial solutions, pioneer tech advancements, and shape tomorrow’s landscape. To our invaluable partners, clients, and stakeholders – your unwavering belief fuels our drive. 

Meet Our CEO

Saad Sohail

At Al-Baraka Holidays, we believe that travel is not just about visiting new places, but about enriching your life through unique experiences. Our team is passionately dedicated to curating journeys that go beyond the ordinary, ensuring that each trip you take with us is truly exceptional.

Experienced & Dedicated Team

Discover our team of experts in travelling, willing to make your dreams into reality! Meet our team.

Shehroze Malik

Coporate Sales Associate

Adil Zubair

5 Star Umrah Executive

Shams Saleem

Tour Consultant

Osama Khan

B2C Sales Executive

Shoaib Ghous

Ticketing Executive

Saqib Naseer

B2C Marketing Executive

Sabrina Zafreen

Social Media Manager

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